Thursday, December 10, 2009

Decorating The Equipment Closet

Well im not going to lie this was the most boaring of all the St. Mary's labs. I learned that a closet that looks like it is organzied can be organized even better. Dr. Yang is a master of organization. Evey time we thought that we were done and had things set about as good as we possibly could he had a better idea. So we would go with it and i can tell you that, that closet was organized when we left it. It would be funny to peak in the closets today and see how they looked. My guess is that they are a mess again. But hey maybe not. Perhaps we made the pe teachers job alot easier by prioritizing everything and making more room. We tried to keep similar thiings together and tried to put item that were most likely rarely used up high and in spots harder to get to so that the things that were used more often would be more accsesible. Heck we even went so far as to take pictures of the items that went in specific boxes so that Dr. Yang could print them off and we could tape the pictures on the boxes. Now that's some serious organization. Well its a part of the job and doing so made sure we got a all around experience at St. Mary's.