Sunday, February 21, 2010

Audio for A1

From all my experiences at cortland in 201 and 255 i think i learned the most from this lab.I learned that it is very easy to loose your class. You cant turn your back on them for a second. Doing the worksheets after listening to my audio i learned that my feedback is weak. I think i did well in other aspects but the feedback was all general and for the most part directed towards the entire class. I could hardly fill in the feedback form because there was about nothing to write down or record. I need to be specific and make my feedback more congruent to the cues that i teach. My transcript form really opened my eyes to what i addressed in my lesson and what i didnt address. I have alot to learn and this activity really helped me understand.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Video For Dog Patch football

Transcript and Time code for dog patch football

After viewing my video i made a transcript and a time code for my teaching segment. I think i spoke really well in my instructional time. I really didn't put those ums and ahhs into it like i thought i might have. I was for the most part on the ball with what i had to say. What stood out to me was my use of feedback. I provided alot of posative reinforcement to the students however it was very general and not specific at all or even specific towards any individuals. So that was an eye opener and something that i can use to improve in my future trials. Another thing that i noticed while watching the video is my use of slang and as i call it farm talk. Im seriously the unconventional PE student. Ive worked a farm for over 7 years working with alot of different types of people and unfortunately i have picked up some poor vocabualry and slang. I suppose you could say that i talk as if im not the brightest sometimes. Truth is its habbit it's like a cultural thing that has happened to me. In the future i will try hard to be more professional and more proper in my speaking.

Looking at the time coding sheet im pleased with the amount of time i put into instruction and into the students activity time. I bent the rules for the activity. We were supposed to teach a skill and i got awy from that and taught a game which in turn got everyone active. It needed to be done. I think that as future educators we need to be prepared for everything and im sure that everyone was gettting bored of the volleyball bump and the soccer pass. After my activity several people complamented me and said they enjoyed it. Thats what it's all about to me. If you're not having a good time why do it?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time Coding
After reviewing my video and and analyzing it to the time coding worksheet i realized that i didnt do that bad of a job. My activity time for the activity was around sixty percent which is about right. My instructional time and management time were also distributed well. The amount of time i speant in waiting was my downfall. Im not upset with that though because the students were running to pick up the footballs. This was a nice exercise to get a nice look at what areas we focused on. I know that when i did the teahing that i felt that i was rushed and that i flew through the directions. i see in the video a little confusion in the begining. Next time i would like to be more clear with my directions. I feel as though my voice was clear and that the students followed the directions well after getting the hang of the drills that i established. I would like to have had more space for the number of students that i had so that everyone could have got more reps.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Putt Putt Tips

After watching my video the things that ive learned from this experience are that i used to many cues. I feel as though i put too much time into teaching the putting stroke and probably made things more confusing. Thats a problem with teaching something that is so common and familiar with yourself. Sometimes its hard to remember that not everyone has some experience in what you are teaching. I feel as though my voice and volume are in pretty good shape. My video looks a little strange at times and i lost my attention because at one time the camera tipped down on the tripod and i lost my focus another time when someone whistled really loud. I thought that Dr.Yang or someone was trying to signal our attention. Overall i think i did well but if i could do it again i would make things more simpler and insert fewer cues.

Dan Murphy Intro

In think i did well with my intro i just wish i spoke a little louder and was better prepeared. It was tough to do it on the fly.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Teaching Experience in 255

I had a really good time with the first day of class. I suppose i should have taken the teaching experience more seriously. I was having alot of fun with it. I realized after i finished my teaching segement that i was the only one of the students who participated while teaching. I dont know whether that is acceptable or not. I just got caught up in it and was having a good time. I think if i could have gone back i would have been more propoer in my position and made sure there was no confusion. I think everyone enjoyed my drills because they got to move around and have a little more freedom than in some of the other activities. I saw people were laughing and smiling so i think it went well. If i could have done it again i wouldnt have participated and been more in tune to helping others and organization.