Sunday, November 22, 2009

How much is too much

when it was time to go outside with the older age students i got involved in a game of kickball. The first thing that i noticed was that the kids were pitching the ball like garbage. Kids couldnt kick it and they were picking the rolls up and throwing them back to the pitcher as if they were a called ball in a baseball game. I decided that i would take over the duty of pitching in the game. I pitched for both teams and wasnt going to try and make any outs at firs. After letting a short fly ball fall to the ground in front of me the students were pretty upset with me so i decided to catch a few kicks and try to make an equal amount of outs for both teams. The competition between the two teams was fierce. The last out of the game so not a good one and one that made me question what was appropriate for me and what wasnt. As i made the out the boy triped over the ball and fell. I felt awful and for a minute thought that this going to be a big deal and that i bit off more than i could chew. Accidents happen when playing sports and games but it still felt different being so much larger than those students. What happened was the ball was kicked short and rolling towards the third base line. A runner was on second and heading to third. As i fielded the ball the runner was litteraly 4 or 5 feet away from me. I gently passed the ball into the runner. After the ball hit the student it bounced on the pavement and he tripped on the ball and fell hard onto the black top. I felt so bad and i didnt really know what to do. Something so routine and simple became serious.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's always raining

The majority of my time in lab four was speant in the pre k classroom. When i entered the classroom with the rest of the goonies the students acted as if we never enteres the room. Everyone was occupied whether they were drawing playing with play dough or playing with cars. I walked over to the kids playing with the cars and grabbed a car and began to play. They had a ball playing cars with me. Each was trying to show off their car and driving skills as well as car or truck sounds. What an imagination they have. We built a town with roads bridges and garages out or blocks mostly but anything that we could use. I chose the title its always raining because when we were playing with out cars David took control and kept saying "It's raining". So we had to park our cars in a garage. I think my car never got out of the garage because ever time i tried to pull it out and get back on the road he yelled its raining. SO all the boys and myelf always had to park our cars under cover. After playing cars i went over and worked with some different students while playing with play dough. The highlight of this lab for me was reading the book pinkaliscious. I made sure to put alot of expression into my reading and the kids loved it. It was fun getting animated and hearing everyone laugh.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Football Frenzy at St.Mary's

The goonies and i started out in the cafeteria when things were slow and for the most part boaring. My interaction with the students was limited beacase for the most part everyone was doing something. I found it hard to get involved. However when we went to th gym i sighed for relief. In the gym i did alot of differet activities i did some basketball shooting games with a student, i played some knock out, played football, did some hula hooping and tried to do the thriller dance with the students which was hilarious. the experience was fun and i learned alot this time around. The more efforst i put in to making activities more intersting and fun the better attitude and effort the kids put in. Their needs to be a small twist on things sometimes to keep things intersting. For example while playing football i gathered my team together and drew up and reverse option pass. The play at first glance is complex and hard to successfully complete but thats whatth ekids need is a fun challenge that keeps them active.