Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gotham City Cortland?

Lab 2 was a ball for everyone. I believe that the students were more engaged due to the effort that we as students put into dressing our parts. We made that after school experience one that is different from all the other and something to laugh and talk about. My group was in the classroom with the Pre K. Seeing the students in the classroom compared to the gym or the playground was like entering another world. I saw the students act calm. After my interaction with them in the gym i thought that would be impossible. I went a little above and beyond for the theme and dressed in an all out Batman costume. I didnt kjnow how the students were going to take me. Too my surprise they thought i was the real Batman. When i walked in they swarmed me. It's funny they all asked the same question. Can you fly? It was also funny to hear the kids call me Batman. They seemed to open up alot more to me because i was dressed up. We worked on some coloring and playing with play dough. It had been soooo long since ive had my hands in play dough. I got a kick out of it and had a good time and good experience.


  1. Dan, You came prepared and this is important in your teaching lessons. Remember your blogs should talk about the activities you had planned for the students. I think you can write more in your blog about the games and talk about what your learning in class and how your applying it to these labs.