Thursday, October 29, 2009

Early Morning

What a change in behavior in the St.Mary's students in the morning session compared to the afternoon. The kids were calm sitting still and more polite. In the afternoon it seems like alot of them are just trying to push our buttons and looking for a challenge. In the morning these kids were in the zone and really concentrating on their worksheets. I was in Christophers class and was impressed at how on task the students were. I thought that they would rush throught their worksheets so that they could begin free time as soon as they could but they didn't. When i left at 8:50 many of the kids were still working on their sheets and they were content with that. It brought back memories seeing the worksheets and the tracing of the letters. I had the opportunity to help several of the kids including Liam with their letters or numbers. It always feels good to help and know that the person you're helping appreciates you. The kids were polite and thanked me. I was impressed. At one point i started conversations with the students about what pets they had at home. To my surprise Ileanna had a pet dinosaur that ate worms and rides on her back. I got a kick out of her story and her expression. The kids really enjoyed talking about their pets and really got off task. Their voices got alot louder and the teacher had to raise her voice to quiet them down and to get back on task. I felt bad because that was pretty much my fault getting them going. Overall it was a good experience and the kids were great.

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