Monday, November 2, 2009

Football Frenzy at St.Mary's

The goonies and i started out in the cafeteria when things were slow and for the most part boaring. My interaction with the students was limited beacase for the most part everyone was doing something. I found it hard to get involved. However when we went to th gym i sighed for relief. In the gym i did alot of differet activities i did some basketball shooting games with a student, i played some knock out, played football, did some hula hooping and tried to do the thriller dance with the students which was hilarious. the experience was fun and i learned alot this time around. The more efforst i put in to making activities more intersting and fun the better attitude and effort the kids put in. Their needs to be a small twist on things sometimes to keep things intersting. For example while playing football i gathered my team together and drew up and reverse option pass. The play at first glance is complex and hard to successfully complete but thats whatth ekids need is a fun challenge that keeps them active.

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  1. Even in the cafeteria you can create games so that you make those moments fun. As a Physical education teacher sometimes we don't have access to a gymnasium so creating a fun environment will make your experience better. But overall once you got up stairs you began to meet the expectations. Your improving keep it up and try to clean up your blogs.