Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mule Kick

My lab b experience was really stressful for me. Im really happy to have done as well as i did. Going into something being nervous is awful. I was nervous because the material i was teaching was really difficult and im not smooth at adapting on the go or on the fly. I could hardly do my jump roping how was i supposed to teach them to everyone. MY fear was that no one would try them and that everyone would be bored and i wouldnt know how to respond. So getting started with the lesson trully was difficult and truthfully not a joyous experience for me.However as i watched my video i dont think that the lab went as poorly as i though. I'll tell you what, when Amy threw her rope at me and started giving me a hard time i kind of froze. I didn't really know what to do. I was a bit paraniod this time because during the last lab half of my class ran into the closet without me knowing. So i really didnt want to focus much on her because i didnt want to get off track with my lesson and loose track of the rest of my students. I realized fast that disruptions really are a pain in the neck. I was happy with the job i did. I made better comments and more specific feedback this time around. I think that my language and vocabulary improved during this lab also. I rationed my time well as is expressed in my time coding analysis. I hope that my next experience wont be as stressful and that i sound more confident when i study my transcript.

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