Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time Coding
After reviewing my video and and analyzing it to the time coding worksheet i realized that i didnt do that bad of a job. My activity time for the activity was around sixty percent which is about right. My instructional time and management time were also distributed well. The amount of time i speant in waiting was my downfall. Im not upset with that though because the students were running to pick up the footballs. This was a nice exercise to get a nice look at what areas we focused on. I know that when i did the teahing that i felt that i was rushed and that i flew through the directions. i see in the video a little confusion in the begining. Next time i would like to be more clear with my directions. I feel as though my voice was clear and that the students followed the directions well after getting the hang of the drills that i established. I would like to have had more space for the number of students that i had so that everyone could have got more reps.

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