Monday, February 15, 2010

Transcript and Time code for dog patch football

After viewing my video i made a transcript and a time code for my teaching segment. I think i spoke really well in my instructional time. I really didn't put those ums and ahhs into it like i thought i might have. I was for the most part on the ball with what i had to say. What stood out to me was my use of feedback. I provided alot of posative reinforcement to the students however it was very general and not specific at all or even specific towards any individuals. So that was an eye opener and something that i can use to improve in my future trials. Another thing that i noticed while watching the video is my use of slang and as i call it farm talk. Im seriously the unconventional PE student. Ive worked a farm for over 7 years working with alot of different types of people and unfortunately i have picked up some poor vocabualry and slang. I suppose you could say that i talk as if im not the brightest sometimes. Truth is its habbit it's like a cultural thing that has happened to me. In the future i will try hard to be more professional and more proper in my speaking.

Looking at the time coding sheet im pleased with the amount of time i put into instruction and into the students activity time. I bent the rules for the activity. We were supposed to teach a skill and i got awy from that and taught a game which in turn got everyone active. It needed to be done. I think that as future educators we need to be prepared for everything and im sure that everyone was gettting bored of the volleyball bump and the soccer pass. After my activity several people complamented me and said they enjoyed it. Thats what it's all about to me. If you're not having a good time why do it?

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